Education and the problems Of Modern World

Education is the constructive, consistent and compelling system of values around which personal as well as social life should be built, a “compelling system of values” –that is to say, it is a “categorical imperative for us to be virtuous and noble. 

Many great minds never completed even their grade schools like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford but no one can deny that they were super success. When we look at the reason behind this phenomenon, we come to know that they succeeded because they knew how to research, collect information for a selected project and process knowledge. Let me say, the class room environment is not research supporting and only focuses on the covering cramming up some text book topics remaining exam focused. In this process, the innovative, creative, intuitive, and self motivating qualities of students become a victim of catastrophe. Lack of motivation is lack of knowledge processing skills. The usual college graduate will have a professional skill that supplies only life’s basic needs. Even in modern society education focuses only on academic needs of the student throwing vomiting a graduate having well grades but futile for the society. 

Here arises the question of exams as well; do our exam systems focus on measuring the ability and intelligence of the students? The answer is straightaway a NO. Nor does it focus on the processing and analytic abilities of the minds of the students. 

Knowledge by itself has no value; it is like a dictionary filled with words. Words by themselves have no value; it is the process of stringing them together that gives them value like words combined make meaningful phrases, clauses, sentences and even lengthier compositions. Natural talent is considered no where in this regards. Knowledge only has worth when used with a course of action. Practice in a fake environment is not predictable or measurable. Self-made millionaires are not "A" students in the classroom. The mode they process knowledge is in dissimilarity with classroom main concern. The self-made millionaire has a vision, then he researches specific knowledge, applies intuitive knowledge and process all essentials, searching for a workable way out. Finding unconventional conducts to do ordinary farm duties makes millionaires. The furtive is vision, research and processing, not pre stored knowledge.

I do not put full blame on the education industry. The conformist corporate culture holds the equal share in this harmful play with the lives of potent individuals turning them down to in futile members of the society as the typical employer wants human resources with dictionary knowledge, not visionaries. They want employees who follow orders, are willing to do tedious tasks, be happy with a limited function, and acknowledge the status quo. Monotonous tasks' is considered as competence and this is where earnings are made. Accepting the status quo prevents the revelation of wrong steps by leaders. Too many blunders and profits disappear. In a status quo environment visionaries become fed up fast and soon take delivery of the troublemaker label by offering alternatives or revealing blunders, sometimes leading to the sack, yet, their ideas boost efficiency and create new sources of profits for the company. In the extended drag, visionaries are the one’s who make above average income no matter what their formal education level.

The education system now has the tools to kill off this type of person, behavior control drugs! As these students move into the personnel, status quo and blunders will kill off the typical business.

What can be considered a quality education? Referring to the first paragraph, a quality education is norm design that addresses the exceptional talents of each student and has a positive emotional experience. Custom education evaluates natural talent and how the student learns. This is why home schooled students out perform classroom students. Parents become skilled at what works and what does not work. Then focus on what works. With this method, students develop a love to learn and learning becomes a lifelong procedure. This is the point where we may call it future-oriented.

The future-oriented education is about advancement and escalation even when we are studying the precedent. Thus the side of thinking we should lean to focus upon is learning and investigation of what has been learnt.

As a conclusion we can say that Education is not the mere possession of book knowledge, or a literalism that one can show off to impress one’s fellow men. Real education is a process one’s embryonic qualities (physical, mental, moral, and spiritual) are called to mind, fostered and refined, so as to fashion out an ideal human individual, capable and willing to play his part for the betterment of human race.

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